Pet Policy

Welcome to Hiawatha Lodge where pets are welcomed as family! Please note that pets are only allowed in rooms in the south wing of our building. The north wing of our building is pet-free to accommodate guests with allergies.

1. Pet policy is limited to canines. All pets staying at Hiawatha must be pre-approved.

2. Guests must notify the Front Desk upon check-in of any pets staying in the room.

3. Pets must be controlled at all times in the public areas. They must be leashed or held by the individual responsible for the animal. There are guests that are allergic or scared of even the nicest dogs. We have a responsibility to make this a wonderful environment for everyone and invite you to assist us in our efforts.

  • The preferred location for doggie doo is on the front lawn in the tall grassy area by the doggie recpitcal. Please be sure to clean up after your dog.

4. Pets are not allowed to roam free on the outside of the property. See #2.

5. Do not leave pets unattended in your rooms. Pets left in room unattended are in violation of our pet policy. Guests will receive one courtesy call and if situation is not remedied in a timely manner, guests will be required to leave the property with no refund. In the event you cannot take your pet with you please contact front desk; there are several ways we may assist you.

6. Due to the extra cleaning involved, there is a $50 per stay charge for guests with pets (If your pet(s) is(are) roaming between two adjoining rooms the charge applies for each room).

7. Owners are responsible for any damage to property due to their pet.


Thank you! Your cooperation will enable us to continue welcoming pets at our lodge.

Local Vet Clinics and Kennels

Dr. John’s Dog & Cat Repair 


1100 US Hwy 45 South

Eagle River

Eagle River Animal Hospital 


1720 Hwy 45 North

Eagle River

Kevin’s Kennels (doggie boarding) 


4914 Hwy G

Eagle River