About Us

The Hiawatha Lodge has a rich history of hospitality in Northwoods Wisconsin. Find out more about how the lodge became what it is today, where we are located, and what you can expect when you stay with us.


History of the Hiawatha Lodge

The Hiawatha property was originally a resort with a main house, small cottages, and a restaurant. The first owners had a vision of making Eagle River not only a great place to enjoy the great outdoors, but also a destination for families and friends to enjoy ample space and many other amenities indoors. The restaurant grew into the historical Hiawatha Supper Club. In the 1960’s, two friends divided the property and one built a 29 room motel called the Hiawatha Motor Inn. It was the first hotel in the Eagle River area to boast an indoor pool. The Hiawatha Motor Inn paved the way for other resorts to be developed and made Eagle River a resort vacation destination.

In 2011, we updated the name to The Hiawatha Lodge to better reflect what we are. The ample lobby, large stone fireplace, and media center provide lodge-sized gathering spaces for our guests. Thanks to the original builder’s vision of providing large spaces for travelers, the lodge has stood the test of time. The building was built using concrete cinder blocks instead of wood and sheet-rock. Each room has full bathrooms and vaulted ceilings which provide extra breathing room. Between the solid construction, constant updating (a recent favorite is the pillow top mattresses!), and our perpetual cleaning, we know our guests will enjoy a comfortable stay.

The Lodge Today

Today, you will find the Hiawatha Lodge with the classic Northwoods charm you remember from way back when, but with the convenience of many modern updates. We have honored the same vision of the previous owners to be a welcoming and relaxing place to rest and spend time with your favorite people. That’s why we have developed multiple spaces on our property for you to spend time together indoors and out. Whether it be in our bright game room; on a cozy couch by one of our fireplaces or the indoor theater; on a picnic table, patio chairs; or on our dock admiring the lake, you can always find a place to relax and unwind. Since each guest room has it’s own exterior door, you are always just steps away from the great outdoors!

We strive to be very thoughtful in our attention to details and providing refreshingly clean rooms for our guests. That is why we choose to not use harsh chemicals and use planet friendly materials instead. The health of our team is important to us as well as our guests!