The “Wild Side” of the Northwoods

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The “Wild Side” of the Northwoods

fawn 2
One of many fawns at Wildwood!

One thing you can always count on when you visit the Northwoods is seeing the Wildlife.  Now you can interact with them too!  There are many activities and even educational opportunities for your family to enjoy at Wildwood Wildlife Park and Zoo near Minocqua.  One of the most unique and well- loved features of Wildwood is being able to pet and interact with the deer.  It is definitely something for everyone to remember.  So head on over to show them your “wild side!”

The Northwoods is fortunate enough to have Wildwood, who boasts being the largest interactive petting zoo in Wisconsin and the second largest zoo in the state of Wisconsin! Their nursery includes many animals for your family to get up close and personal to animals such as a kangaroo, woodchuck, armadillo, ferret, chinchilla, skunk, and many more. You can touch a tortoise, feel a porcupine, cuddle a bunny, or hug a pot-bellied pig. Another activity the kids will love is spoiling the many animals such as deer, camel, aoudad, and goats with tasty critter crackers! Make sure you bring something to take pictures with because it will definitely be a moment to remember! Another great opportunity to treat the animals is the Parakeet Budgie Encounter. This enclosed aviary, full of hundreds of parakeets is a favorite among kids as the birds will actually land on your hand with the help of a little bird feed. Hands down the best part about Wildwood is the opportunity to hand feed Giraffes! During this unforgettable experience, you can get up close and personal with one of the largest and certainly the tallest mammals in the world. When the giraffe leans down to nibble on a carrot out of your hand or steal a kiss, be sure to snap a few pictures and check out just how graceful and beautiful these animals truly are.

Feeding the Giraffes


Education is a big part of what Wildwood does for the Northwoods and there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy and learn about all the animals at Wildwood! One of the best educational opportunities there is the Amphitheater programs! These inspiring educational programs are held multiple times a day to allow visitors to learn and understand more about mammals, reptiles, birds and primates. The primate and reptile center allows your kids to understand just what makes these critters creepy and crawly, while also watching the lemurs and sloths. Wildwood also has a great events center for you to enjoy. Kids can learn and witness first hand just how honeybees work together to make honey with their specialized duties. There are even more opportunities, such as learning to identify insects, furs and skulls. Seeing these animals at Wildwood reminds us just how important conservation is in the Northwoods and around the world. The conservation corner demonstrates just how important it is protect animals such as rhinos, sloths, lemurs, leopards, and Northwoods animals too.

Your whole family is sure to enjoy this up close and personal encounter all of Wildwood’s animals.   Allowing something for everyone to enjoy is truly an experience unique to Wildwood. You will just have to take our word for it that this is a day trip you don’t want to miss while visiting the Northwoods! If you are looking for more information you can follow the link to their website below, or you can also contact them via phone at (715) 356-5588.


Wildwood Wildlife Park Website

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